6 Diabetes Meals Myths That Must Go


When a member of the family of mine was not too long ago advised by a physician that her blood sugar was excessive, she did some on-line analysis and got here to me with questions: Was it true she ought to surrender bananas? Had been carrots stuffed with sugar? And will cinnamon actually treatment for diabetes? (Solutions: no, no, and no).

I used to be used to listening to this sort of misinformation. Early in my profession as a dietitian, I endorsed sufferers with diabetes and heard every thing from “Clear sodas like Sprite are higher for you than colas” to “Bread doesn’t have any carbs if you happen to toast it” (for sure, each are false!).

If in case you have pre-diabetes or diabetes–or have a cherished one who does–you know that there are numerous complicated rumors and opinions round consuming. I reached out to my dietitian colleagues who work in diabetes to share the largest myths and misconceptions they hear, so I may also help clear up a number of the confusion for you.

Fable: “Sugar-free meals don’t increase blood sugar.”

When studying vitamin labels, many individuals solely have a look at the quantity of sugar a product accommodates. However it’s truly the quantity of complete carbohydrate that impacts your blood sugar. For instance, one widespread sugar-free chocolate chip cookie has zero grams of sugar however 20 grams of carbohydrates–which means it would nonetheless impression your blood sugar.

Fable: “I can’t eat white potatoes, solely candy potatoes.”

They might be completely different colours and provide completely different vitamin perks (white potatoes have a great deal of vitamin C, candy potatoes are stuffed with vitamin A–and listed below are extra causes to eat potatoes), however each varieties include about 24 grams of carbohydrates per cup.

Fable: “Honey is healthier than desk sugar.”

It’s advantageous to have a taste choice, however each of those are thought of added sugars, and each have roughly the identical grams of sugar and carbohydrates per teaspoon (honey truly has barely extra). One potential benefit of honey: It’s sweeter than white sugar, so that you would possibly be capable of use a bit much less of it. Listed below are just a few extra sugar myths.

Fable: “Gluten-free merchandise haven’t any carbs.”

Gluten-free meals are designed for individuals who can’t correctly digest the protein gluten, present in wheat, barley, and rye. However that doesn’t imply these meals are carb-free. Gluten-free merchandise like breads and crackers merely use completely different sorts of starches like potato or rice, so they might have simply as many (or much more) carbs that their counterparts.

Fable: “You shouldn’t eat something white.”

This was meant as a catch-all warning towards breads, pastas, and rice (although this recommendation additionally reductions meals like cauliflower and onions, which doesn’t make any sense!). However you don’t should ditch breads and pastas completely–just watch your parts. Ditto for darker-colored, entire grain variations like brown rice or entire wheat bread.

Fable: “Fruit is filled with sugar.”

It’s true that fruit accommodates a pure type of sugar referred to as fructose that impacts blood sugar. So you could must be aware of your parts round fruit, like choosing a small banana as a substitute of a giant one. However fruit can also be loaded with fiber, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and disease-fighting compounds, so please don’t nix it out of your weight loss program.


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