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Our products are the healing power of nature in Siberia.

Our ancestors have long known the healing properties of plants and herbs, which they used to prevent and treat many diseases. They carefully kept this knowledge, seeking to pass it on to future generations. Today, therapeutic herbs are widely used in both folk and traditional medicine. They prepare various potions, powders, infusions, ointments, phyto teas, include in the compositions of medicines, cosmetics, and much more.

Their effectiveness largely depends on where, when and how these plants were collected and prepared. The Siberian Federal District is considered one of the safest and most environmentally friendly places not only in our country, but also in the whole world. Therefore, it is not surprising that all the gifts of nature brought from this truly unique corner of our planet can bring extraordinary benefits to the human body.
Ecologically natural products from “Maria Siberian Store”.
The company “Maria Siberian Store” has long specialized in the supply of natural goods from the best manufacturers of Altai. These are medicinal herbs, herbal collections, phyto teas, oils, mushrooms, berries, minerals, mumie, bee products and much more at attractive prices. All products are of the highest quality and safety, they have passed all necessary tests and inspections, as evidenced by the appropriate certificates.

Maral farm

A necessary condition for the maintenance of marals is the presence of water sources, there are several of them in the maral park: rivers and springs. In the tract “Chornaya Rechka” has a mineral spring, which has medicinal properties due to the content of silver ions.
The nature of the relief determines the originality of its inherent climatic conditions. According to the weather station with. Shebalino, the average annual temperature reaches 2-2.5 C. The total annual average precipitation is – 470 mm per year, which corresponds to the type of moderate humidity. From the total amount of precipitation falls 70-80% in the summer period.

The territory of the farm is located on the forest-steppe belt of one of the spurs of Semynsky ridge in Shebalinsky district, near the village of Kumalyr. According to environmental conditions, the area belongs to the taiga-forest geobotanical raion and conditionally to the forest-steppe zone.

The mesorelief of the area is medium-metamorphic erosive with absolute heights of 900 m and an elevation of 1750 m above sea level. It is a rather narrow mountain hollow in the floodplain of the Kumalyr River, which is more than 10 km long from west to east.

Significant areas of the maral park are covered with forest. Among the trees prevail conifers: larch, cedar and spruce. Birch, cherry tree, mountain ash, berry bushes grow, on the mountain slopes there are maralnik and juniper.

Medical herbs

We buy raw materials from large and not very large firms, as well as herbalists and healers throughout the Altai. Only from those who are well versed in the quality of raw materials that go to pharmacies and which really should be. And if you treat herbs, they should firstly be properly harvested, i.e. during flowering if it’s a herb, or in the spring or fall if it’s a root, and in a certain phase of the moon and only in dry, clear weather. Secondly, properly dried. Drying should be done either in drying chambers at certain temperatures, or in well-ventilated attics or sheds, but never in the sun. And thirdly, properly stored. Only after that will be preserved in the raw material all its useful properties. And this raw material will really differ both in appearance and its specific smell.

Our production

The process of extracting active substances from dry plant raw materials is rather complicated. Part of the biologically active substances is in the raw material in the dissolved state inside the cells, and part is on the cell walls. Therefore, during extraction of plant raw materials it is important that the chosen solvent (extractant) penetrates the pores and dissolves the necessary substances. After that the mass transfer of substances into the main mass of the extraction liquid takes place.


We buy dry raw materials of plant origin grown in ecologically clean areas, including the Altai Territory and Altai Mountains, which have the appropriate documents confirming their quality.
Preparation of raw materials includes such stages as ascertaining their authenticity, milling, determination of moisture and extractive substances.
For each type of herb we determined the optimal fraction of grinding, which determines the size of the extraction surface.
In our technology of plant processing, water is used as an extractant because it has good penetration rates through cell walls; it is pharmacologically indifferent; it is a universal solvent and extractant.

For production of dry plant extracts purified water is used, which meets the requirements of existing GOSTs, rules and regulations.
Technological cycle of extraction of vegetative raw materials is carried out at vacuum depth of 0,1-0,2 kgf/cm2 during several hours. At the end of the extrusion stage, the liquid extract is filtered through a bag filter and then thickened in a vacuum evaporator (to a dry matter content of 40%). After drying the thickened extract in the vacuum evaporation unit, the residual moisture level in the final product is no more than 5%, which meets the requirements for dry extracts.