Linden Tea Advantages for the Physique and Thoughts


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Way back to the center ages, individuals used varied components of the linden tree (additionally known as “lime flower”) — reminiscent of in linden tea — for his or her pure skill to advertise perspiration and detoxing, scale back ache, and reduce nervousness.

When consumed as an natural drugs within the type of a tea, tonic, extract or topical answer, linden has been proven to be excessive in lots of antioxidants, unstable oils and different therapeutic compounds. Amongst these are flavonoids, tiliroside, quercetin and kaempferol, that are related to advantages reminiscent of decreasing irritation and swelling.

What Is Linden?

Linden tea is an natural tea or “infusion “produced from the leaves, flowers and bark of the Tilia genus of bushes (additionally known as linden bushes).

The linden tree household — which incorporates species Tilia cordata, Tilia vulgaris, Tilia platyphyllos and Tilia tomentosa — is native to Europe and originated in places reminiscent of Bulgaria, Romania, former Yugoslavia and Turkey. Immediately it’s grown in places like France and England.

What does the identify “linden” imply? Traditionally, it has been a preferred boy’s identify in international locations reminiscent of England, though it’s develop into a extra unisex identify these days. It’s related to the linden tree that’s stated to be “sturdy and may dwell for hundreds of years.”

Linden bushes have darkish grey bark, inexperienced heart-shaped leaves and yellow-green flowers. Completely different components of the bushes are dried and preserved to make teas, tinctures and different tonics which can be wealthy in helpful chemical substances.

The tree species talked about above are most generally grown as a result of their components include a few of the highest ranges of tannins and mucilage compounds that make for the strongest extracts.

What’s linden used for? Additionally typically known as lime flower or basswood, it’s most frequently consumed for its pure sedative and anti-anxiety results, however it could possibly additionally assist assist coronary heart well being, digestion, the respiratory and immune techniques, and extra.

Consuming it as an anti-inflammatory tea is the most typical means that this natural treatment is utilized, nevertheless it’s additionally out there in extract and tincture kinds.

Linden Tea Advantages

Right here is extra about what analysis tells us about linden/linden tea advantages:

1. Gives Antioxidants and Different Useful Compounds

Research have recognized many health-promoting chemical constituents inside linden bushes, together with:

  • Flavonoids, reminiscent of kaempferol, quercetin, myricetin and glycosides.
  • Unstable oils, together with alkanes, phenolic alcohols and esters, and terpenes, together with citral, citronellal, citronellol, eugenol, limonene, nerol and α-pinene.
  • Different constituents, reminiscent of saponins, tannins and tocopherol.
  • Amino acids, together with alanine, cysteine, cystine, isoleucine, leucine, phenylalanine and serine.
  • Carbohydrates within the type of mucilage polysaccharides, together with arabinose, galactose, rhamnose and others.

Whereas it’s a supply of many antioxidants, analysis reveals it’s particularly excessive in flavonoids, tiliroside, quercetin and kaempferol. These compounds have been proven in lots of research to supply safety towards free radical injury and oxidative stress, which might injury cells.

Larger consumption of those chemical substances may also assist assist eye, coronary heart and pores and skin well being and will usually scale back the danger of sure continual illnesses.

2. Can Assist Cut back Anxiousness

One conventional use of linden was “quelling hysteria” and reducing anxiety-related signs, reminiscent of indigestion, coronary heart palpitations and vomiting.

Why is linden tea good for nervousness? Current research recommend that linden extract could have calming results as a result of it mimics the results of the neurotransmitter GABA, which inhibits excitability within the nervous system.

The presence of antioxidants reminiscent of flavonoids can also be thought to assist regulate nervous system exercise.

Some individuals report experiencing a lower in blood strain and tension-related ache, reminiscent of rigidity complications, when utilizing linden. It could additionally assist enhance sleep high quality by boosting rest and decreasing discomfort.

Does linden tea have caffeine? No; it’s naturally caffeine free and thought of an natural tea.

This makes it a sensible choice in the event you’re delicate to the results of caffeine and have a tendency to develop into jittery or nervous when consuming it.

3. Helps Detoxing and Digestive Well being

Like sure different natural teas, together with dandelion tea, there’s proof suggesting that linden can act like a pure diuretic, serving to scale back fluid retention and swelling whereas supporting general digestive perform.

It’s additionally used to advertise sweating with a purpose to enhance detoxing and as a mucilage to assist those that are sick to launch phlegm. It’s described as having demulcent and antispasmodic properties that may assist lower coughs, flu and bronchitis signs, and different respiratory points.

4. Could Assist Cut back Ache and Irritation

Sure research recommend that antioxidants present in linden, together with tiliroside and quercetin, are able to reducing irritation, swelling and ache. This will doubtlessly result in advantages for these with situations reminiscent of arthritis or fibromyalgia.

5. Could Assist Cut back Blood Stress

Linden is regarded as a pure vasodilator, that means that it helps dilate blood vessels and may decrease blood strain. That is a method wherein it might lower nervousness signs, complications, and so on.

Dangers and Facet Results

Is Linden tea protected? Total, research have demonstrated that it’s sometimes well-tolerated and protected for many adults to eat in reasonable quantities.

“Reasonable consumption” is taken into account to be between two to 4 grams of the tea mix per day, which is about three to 4 cups. Ingesting greater than this will doubtlessly trigger uncomfortable side effects reminiscent of modifications in blood strain and digestion, so it’s finest to stay inside this vary.

You shouldn’t eat linden in the event you’re pregnant (not sufficient data is accessible on its security), have coronary heart illness or in the event you’re allergic to pollen.

Folks taking diuretics or drugs containing lithium shouldn’t drink linden tea since it could possibly doubtlessly work together with these medication. These with a historical past of coronary heart illness must also be precautious when starting to make use of linden tea, particularly if ingesting it typically and for lengthy intervals of time.

The way to Make It

With the intention to make linden tea, the leaves, flowers and bark are dried, boiled and steeped in water, making a “natural infusion.” When buying a unfastened leaf mix from a tea store or on-line, search for the species identify Tilleul.

You may make your individual linden tea at dwelling by steeping dried components (flowers, leaves, bark) in scorching water for about 5 to 10 minutes or in a single day in room temperature water. Use about 1.5 grams of unfastened tea for each 8-ounce serving you make.

Use both premade tea baggage or unfastened leaves/flowers/bark in a tea strainer or mesh. You’re extra more likely to make a robust and efficient tea in the event you purchase unfastened leaves/flowers which were lately dried, slightly than utilizing premade tea baggage.

What does Linden scent like? It’s described as being much like chamomile tea and having a faint fragrant and floral odor and a gentle, candy and “mucilaginous” (or bitter) style.

Some additionally discover that it subtly tastes like “flowers and woods.”

Teas with greater tannin ranges and low mucilage content material are extra fragrant and flavorful general. You can even enhance the well being advantages and taste by including different herbs and spices, reminiscent of ginger, turmeric, and so on.

Different Makes use of

Other than the advantages and makes use of described above, different methods wherein varied components of the linden tree are used embody:

  • Making cough drops
  • Producing candy sap or flavored oils
  • Serving to deal with epilepsy


  • Linden tea comes from the Tilia species of bushes, which have been utilized in Europe for a lot of centuries to deal with situations reminiscent of nervousness, ache, coughs and hypertension.
  • Numerous components of those bushes, together with the flowers, bark and leaves, are used to make teas, infusions, tonics and extracts that may assist fight irritation, swelling and fluid retention.
  • Useful compounds discovered inside linden embody antioxidants like flavonoids, quercetin, tiliroside and kaempferol; unstable oils; and amino acids.
  • What’s linden tea good for? Linden tea advantages can embody having a chilled impact, soothing the digestive tract, and appearing like a pure diuretic and mucilage.